Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas and healthy and happy New Year!

I know - I have not posted for ages... I was really thinking from time to time to post at least a hello to everybody ... but always went the opposite way - avoiding blogging.

But I am still here, living in Greece on the sunny island of Rhodes (with over 256 sunny days a year). I am sure many of you know / read / heard about Greece in economic crisis. And though the island was full of tourists and we had quite a lot of work during the summer season - I cannot say I fell happy or satisfied or fulfilled.

I feel that I am working for nothing - meaning in the business, just waking up, working through the day and taking care of my family.
And though I know that the most important is that our family stays connected and supporting each other and thinking of each other (and most important - HEALTHY) - I still feel that I do not do enough.
But I am positive, I truly believe that tomorrow will be a better day - not just for my kid - but for everybody. Because every living human deserves to live a proper and let me say - protected and safe - life with equal opportunities for all of us. 

So far my thoughts. 

I did bake during the summer, but I did not sew or crochet. Shame on me!

But here is my latest batch of decorated cookies with the best wishes to everyone for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Monday, April 29, 2013

Greek Orthodox Easter coming...

Hello everyone,

difficult times here in Greece... with all the crisis and political decisions going on ... you never know who tells the truth and where we are going to be tomorrow.

But... the Greek Orthodox Eastern are coming and will be celebrated on May 5th & 6th.
so it was time to make some decorated cookies:

 I made a bit stiffer royal icing for the flowers and made them look more  funky (I would say).

Hope you like them.

thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Crochet basket

I love pinterest... it allows me to find easy anything I want... I love the colors, the scheme, the designs, the photos...everything.

And I saw a crochet basket (or few of them) there.

And here is my first attempt at it:

I made the basket first and a doily in red later. I handsew the doily on the front of the basket.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I am hooked on crochet.... without any further words - my latest try on doilies:


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A present...

Few days ago a very good friend of mine had a birthday.
Wait. A very good friend... I talk to her, almost every day, I e-mail her etc. but - the extraordinaire is  - I have not met her in person yet - I have not seen a picture of her yet!

But I feel like I  knew her since ever.

She is funny, friendly, always with a smile and sweet, she never gives you a feeling not to want to help or listen or do something.
I truly am happy I have met her few years ago (via my work - meet - I mean via email and phone .... I undersign - I have not met her yet in person). 

So as I knew she has a birthday the same day as my niece - it is easy to remember - I decided that I needed to send her a gift.

I made a crochet bag in happy colors for her and a necklace to go with.

Happy Birthday Stella!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Once a year

Once a year ... it is time to remember the special one
Once a year ... it is time to celebrate
Once a year ... it is time to make his favorite Vanilla cupcakes with Peanutbutter frosting (the fluffy one, please)
Once a year ... it is time that the family gets together to celebrate HIS birthday.

I am talking about our son... the one and only.
this year it is his 11th...
I like the number, I like to make cupcakes and cakes.

so here is his story in pictures:

his b-day cake : Strawberry Vanilla mousse cake... actually just mousse...more or less, the cake became very very tall!

some orange jellies and Vanilla cupcakes with Peanut butter fluffy buttercream

And finally - the slice of the cake... you see how tall the cake became?
sorry for the light on the pictures, it was evening, so ... sorry again.

the Vanilla cupcakes are my favorite - Amy Sedaris' Vanilla cupcakes

the Peanut butter (the fluffy / creamy one) frosting can be found here

and the Strawberry Vanilla mousse cake here.

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The story of an cardigan

Finally I am proud to present a crochet "something" I made for myself. As soon as it became known to my family I am going to make a crochet cardigan - they said: oh yeah, of course, a cardigan for you... anything for us? ...

let's say - they have just received their crocheted blankets (I still owe you the pictures of them)  and other presents for Christmas. So I told them to be patient for their "next Christmas or Birthday presents" to get....
Sometimes I have feeling - you can't make enough presents, there will always be an opportunity to make a new one.

But  - the time was right to make a cardigan for ME AND ME ONLY!

and because I saw many beautiful ideas on internet using granny's squares I wanted something similar, something colorful.
When my husband first saw the granny's squares - he thought I was making a blanket for a farm house - so colorful it appeared to him (he said even worse thing - comparing my cardigan to a table cloth... imagine, my  husband saying it... of course he meant it good, and it made me to stay on 4 colors only). You know he has a really good taste in clothing so I really like showing him staff and waiting for his reaction. Me on the other hand could combine anything and everything - and the final result could be terrible.

So  here is the cardigan using Granny's Sunburst squares and some knitting on the back and sleeves.

I added also some hand stitches to my hoodie

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